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DTE Power Control RX Tuning Chip (With Smartphone APP)


Product Highlights

  • Racing performance for SUPER CARS Series
  • 30% More HorsePower and Torque
  • Up to 10% Fuel Efficiency
  • Direct connection with the DTE tuning box via Bluetooth
  • Tuning technology from Germany
  • 1 Year Product Warranty based on Date of Purchase

*Inquiry with us to check for suitable application for your car model

Product Details

NEW: PowerControl RX and X with Smartphone App
The Next generation of smart tuning from DTE Systems

PowerControl RX: Racing performance for powerful engines and is the most powerful tuning system in DTE's family.

The PowerControl RX optimizes sports cars like Mercedes AMG, BMW M, Audi RS, Porsche, McLaren, and Ferrari, to name but a few.
DTE's PowerControl RX has extended multi-channel ad multi-protocol technologies with specialized tuning algorithms, suitable for all high-performance engines including twin-turbos, bi-turbos and hybrids.

All DTE tuning boxes are supplied as a complete set, together with vehicle-specific programming and matching adapter cables.

All tuning products from DTE Systems can be easily installed via plug-and-play. The installation is simplified by a detailed and illustrated installation instructions.



  • +30% More Power
  • +30% More Torque
  • +10% Fuel Efficiency
  • DTE tuning via smartphone
  • Real-time engine optimization in perfection
  • Multi-Map Technology
  • Adaptive Sensor System
  • Engine Protect+
  • Multi-Protocol Technology

Price includes:-
- Installation, Testing & Commissioning
- Product Warranty based on Date of Purchase